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Be 'One' at Sonos Studios

Posted on May 12, 2016

Last night we attended Be 'One' at Sonos Studios, our Shoreditch neighbour on Club Row.  Be 'One' is a project that has come out of The Hive, Wolfgang Buttress' sculpture for the Milan Expo in 2015.  Working alongside Dr Martin Bencsik, Buttress created a huge aluminium and steel pavilion which emulated the behaviour patterns through light and sound of a bee hive in Nottingham, designed to highlight the decline of the English honey bee and its crucial importance in the natural world.

The bees were recorded and amplified, the nuances and differentiations in the buzz were highlighted. The soundtrack developed with improvisations from Wolfgang's daughter Camille and Dr Bencsik's wife Deirdre, a classically trained cellist. Teaming up with Spiritualized's  Kevin Bales this makeshift band of an artist, scientist, cellist, teenage girl and 40,000 bees created an album 'One'.

The performance featured the recorded sounds of the bees, live music and a projection of visuals and footage of the bees.

Wolfgang Buttress brings his hive to Kew this summer. 

The evening also featured a panel discussion, chaired by music journalist Joe Muggs, who questioned Guy Veale, Mira Calix and Wolfgang Buttress about the new technologies used in recording sound, in particular capturing the minute noises made by bees and the natural world.


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