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Rebecca McDonald Felted Animal Sculptures

Posted on February 07, 2014

Here to welcome the Spring we have these beautiful sculptures by Rececca McDonald and they are made entirely from British wool!

Using dry needle felting, a process involving hand stabbing a barbed needle repeatedly into wool tufts, Rebecca handcrafts each piece from scratch. She starts with her drawings as a guide and works freely from there, she says creating the expressions for each character is what takes the time, but is the best bit.

The smallest pieces take a minimum or 2/3 days to complete the biggest pieces have taken weeks/months to finish.

Made from 100% wool sourced from UK farms (fleece wool which has been washed and carded). Different fleece have different textures, some are more suitable for the core - others for the finishing and detailing) All the wool are natural colours and some of the brighter colours have been organically plant dyed.

Rebecca learnt her trade at The Arts Institute Bournemouth graduating with a degree in Arts and Event Management. Her personal designs have a unique style influenced by traditional craft techniques. Using sustainable materials to hand-make each item, the results are bespoke quality objects that are full of character and take you places.

Prices from £145 available to purchase in store or online.


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