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Baby Shoes & Slippers

Whether it be for soft soles for newborns or providing the support for babies beginning to make their first steps, Luna & Curious has shoes to keep feet warm and promote healthy growth.  Babies feet must be nurtured from the beginning and all Luna & Curious staff are trained in fitting shoes and understand child foot health. We offer in store fittings and are happy to offer advice over email or phone.
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  2. Soft Green Mary Jane Canvas Shoe
  3. Smiley Baby Shoes
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  4. Blue Gingham Baby Shoes
  5. Aqua Baby Booties
  6. Blue Baby Booties
  7. Light Brown Melange Rubber Soled Wool Socks
  8. Dark Purple Dove Rubber Soled Wool Socks
  9. Dusty Ivy Rubber Soled Wool Socks
  10. Rose Striped Rubber Soled Socks
  11. Navy Striped Rubber Soled Socks
  12. Agave Green Striped Rubber Soled Socks