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Baby Trousers & Shorts

  1. Aqua Fleece Trousers
  2. Blue Fleece Trousers
  3. Clam Pointelle Trousers
  4. Summer Red & Ultramarine Stripes Baby Pant
  5. Light Cream & Grass Green Stripes Baby Pant
  6. Fede Navy Rib Overall
  7. Toti Navy Striped Trousers
  8. Apples Baby Pant
  9. Tiny Réserve Baby Pant
  10. Green Stripe Wool/Silk Leggings
  11. Blue Stripe Wool/Silk Leggings
  12. Lavender Organic Cotton Leggings
  13. Soft Green Organic Cotton Leggings
  14. Navy Quilted Cotton Trousers