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Bon Ton Toys

Norman the Snazzie Bear

  • £45.95

It’s your showbear Norman! He's a soft and dapper bear who gives a great deal about his health and an even greater deal about his looks. No matter the day, no matter the occasion, the bow-tie is his no. 1 accessory. He told us not to talk about the amount of bow-ties he has, but we can't help it, Norman can dress an entire marching band!

Materials: Acrylic, polyester blend outer fabric|with 100% recycled PET filling

Size: 32 cm - 12,5"

Bon Ton Toys is a leading plush toy manufacturer who, since 1933, specializes in high-quality plush toys while championing environmental sustainability and ethical production practices.

Becoming a B Corp Certified plush company is a testament to their enduring commitment to sustainability, ethical business practices and dedication to making the world a better place for future generations.

Ethical production
Th factories are certified by the ethical supply chain program for toys and children’s products. ICTI is committed to build better lives for workers and stonier industry through the ethical production of toys by working with 9 standards.
Working hours must not be excessive & overtime must be voluntary
-Legal and fair pay
-No child labor
-No forced or involuntary labor
-No discrimination
-Employees must be treated with dignity and respect
-Employees’ right of association must be observed
-Individual written labor contracts must be provided
-Working conditions are safe and employee health is not endangered


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