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Bobo Choses Sustainability

SUSTAINABILITY FOR BOBO IS… Sustainability for Bobo Choses is the concept that guides all our decisions in order to support and improve our consumers’ lifestyles, our commitment to build a community in which workers and stakeholders have a voice and are treated fairly, and the vision of creating a new business model that can give back to nature everything that nature has given us, including the magic of existence.
OUR COMMITMENT At Bobo Choses, we have always taken responsibility for our social and environmental footprint. This is why we strive to create products that are friendly to our environment, while constantly working to improve the sustainability standards of our production processes. We are constantly searching for innovative materials and processes that match the character of Bobo Choses and complement its identity. We are firmly committed to sustainable development, understanding that we can always improve our processes and seeing it as an opportunity to build a strong community for attaining our shared global goals. Everyone (every single one of us) who is a part of our brand -from production to consumer- makes a contribution to building a better environment. A vital component of our work is our shared dream, that when we grow up, we will nurture our own planet and plant the seeds for tomorrow’s world.
  • Our garments are made locally: we love to work hand in hand with our local suppliers and manufacturers, support them and learn from their know-how. For this reason, the vast majority of our production is located in Spain and  Portugal, and most of it within 12 miles of our headquarters. The raw material, printing and washing factories we work with are OEKO-TEX certified and are thus fully compliant with our responsibility standards. This enables us to share our mutual responsibility for creating a fair and safe working environment.
  • Every enterprise, including the need to produce, requires the extraction of resources, the use of electricity and water, commuting, and interpersonal relationships, and that also includes our lives as social beings. At Bobo, we aim to learn and evolve in harmony with the natural cycles of the environment. We believe in building a strong community. Fair work, sustainable materials, saving water, and regenerating designs are all part of the world we have dreamed of since 2008. In the past five years, we have increased our use of certified organic cotton over traditional cotton by 82%. This has resulted in the equivalent of a 30% reduction in water consumption according to relevant standards. We have also introduced responsibly sourced BCI cotton, thus reducing our environmental impact and improving the working conditions of farmers through the promotion of fair trade. It reduces water consumption and the use of pesticides and fertilizers, it is not packed in synthetic packages, and it is not mixed with dirt. Even though this kind of cotton is not yet certified, it has outperformed conventional cotton in terms of cultivation and trading. Furthermore, we have also increased the use of certified cellulosic fabrics, since they reduce the exploitation of natural resources without balance, control or mindfulness. We are working on increasing the sourcing of responsibly and locally sourced wool, which will improve our footprint and safeguard animal welfare by responsibly extracting small amounts of the material. We have also replaced 56% of polyester with recycled polyester, and the use of this material is expected to grow exponentially by 2025. We still have a very long and challenging road ahead on a clearly defined path along which we are driving progress. Come with us and let’s make a difference together!
  • MEASUREMENT One of the key principles necessary for making accurate judgments regarding sustainability is measurement and data analysis. This is a very challenging task, given that we deal with complex processes and information throughout the supply chain. For many years, the certified B-Corp Anthesis has been supporting us with this challenge, and they have helped us to measure the impact of our collections and processes. As we strive to open up more for our customers, we are working on the digital integration of the data obtained by recently partnering up with B-Come to improve transparency.
  • MATERIALS We carefully select natural or responsibly sourced materials for light summer clothing, such as linen and Tencel, to ensure that the garments will have a long, healthy life. For winter, on the other hand, we choose fibers that adapt to our body’s natural temperature and that improve the technical properties of the fabrics to protect our community from wind, humidity, and cold. We have sourced 100% recycled and recyclable materials for our paper hang tags, thus minimizing the use of virgin cellulose. Once used, you can put this cardboard in the paper bin, so it can be reused. All natural materials speed up their decomposition process when they are exposed to extreme conditions such as humidity, sunlight, and high temperature, but we suggest recycling paper to promote the expansion of circularity.