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London Design Festival 2015

London Design Festival 2015
19th-27th September
Make Your Mark
Private View: Tuesday 21st September 6 - 8:30pm
A celebration of ‘hands-on’ making
For London Design Festival 2015 we invite you to ‘Make Your Mark’ with a series of workshops that will celebrate the connection between hands and material.
‘Handmade’ is a term that we use everyday at Luna & Curious, many of our products we sell are handmade. Hands have fed fabric through sewing machines, filed and soldered jewellery, cast and fettled ceramics or pulled an ink-laden squeegee across a screen. Yet this interaction with hands is invisible in the final product, there is no mark left, no lasting presence left by touch.
Luna & Curious will host a series of workshops that will enable attendees to get their hands dirty. Activities will include making clay pinch pots, experimental mark making to decorate wrapping paper and stationery and in honour of the hands themselves, nail art and other beauty workshops.
Workshops will run daily from 12pm – 4pm and are free to attend.
We will be hosting three workshops:
Mark Making
Using experimental mark making to make wrapping paper, stationery and artwork
Build a Pinch Pot
Use your hands to build a clay pot and decorate with mark making techniques
Nail Art
A nail technician will be on hand to teach nail art, taking inspiration from the mark making techniques used throughout LDF 15. Nail varnishes used will be from Floss Gloss and Cirque Colour, two independent brands who produce chemical free varnishes and are on sale in Luna & Curious.
19th - Mark Making
20th - Pinch Pot
21st - Mark Making
22nd - Pinch Pot
23rd - Mark Making
24th - Pinch Pot
25th - Mark Making
26th- - Nail Art
27th - Pinch Pot